Hackers threaten to release naked selfies of German politicians

BERLIN – In a major security breach of the German parliament, hackers are threatening to release hundreds of naked selfies and ‘dick pics’ of prominent politicians in the German government.

“These politicians seem to be very kinky.  The sample images that the hackers have released have been extremely erotic.  They have strange fetishes.  Honestly, this has been very entertaining.  Hopefully they will release more photos soon,” said a cyber security contractor to Mendaco Press.

The leak appears to have originated on a Twitter account operated from Hamburg. Authorities say they are now working with the Irish Data Protection Commissioner to stop the spread of German politicians’ data.  As Twitter’s European headquarters are located in Dublin, the leak falls under the remit of the Irish data protection authority.

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(image source Cezary Piwowarski [CC BY-SA 3.0])

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