Maxine Waters calls 911, claims Russians hiding behind trees

LOS ANGELES – Democratic U.S. Representative Maxine Waters called 911 to report Russians hiding behind trees in her neighborhood.

“There are Russians in my neighborhood.  I see them everywhere.  I think they are following me.  They are very clever.  I turn around to look back at them and they disappear into the shadows.  Something has to be done.  Our country is being taken over,” said Waters in an interview with a local affiliate.

LAPD came to the scene and investigated.  No Russians were found.

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One thought on “Maxine Waters calls 911, claims Russians hiding behind trees”

  1. Maxine, YOU ARE A NUT! Time to just go away quietly before you embarrass yourself and your Democrat/socialist buddies any more than you already have. You are such a CLOWN.

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