Aloona Larionova officially changes her name to Brad 3

KIEV – Aloona Larionova, Ukrainian YouTube star, has officially changed her name with the Ukrainian Department of Vital Statistics and Civil Status to Brad 3 Mendaco Press has learned.

“As far as I know she has already submitted the paperwork, but like many things here, it will take months to get processed due to the slow bureaucracy.  Even though it hasn’t been finalized, her friends and family are already calling her Brad 3,” said an acquaintance of Brad 3 to Mendaco Press.

Well known for her reaction videos, Brad 3’s YouTube channel has grown to nearly 400,000 subscribers.  Lovingly known by her fans as the ‘Slav Queen’, she has appeared in many PewDiePie videos.  Her physical appearance has been compared to Brad Woto aka Brad 1, one of PewDiePie’s video editors.

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