Google developing ‘facecrime’ app for the FBI

MOUNTAIN VIEW – Unnamed sources have confirmed that tech giant Google is developing a ‘facecrime’ app for the FBI.

“The FBI approached us last year and offered a classified contract to fund the project.  When complete, the app will secretly turn on your phone’s camera and monitor faces.  If a facial recognition result matches the ‘facecrime algorithm’, the photo is taken and stored in a database.  When enough evidence is stored, prosecution will begin.  The FBI promotes this as an effort to provide a safe living environment for all Americans,” said a whistleblower involved with the project under the conditions of anonymity in an exclusive interview with Mendaco Press.

Leading Senate Democrats have also shown interest in creating legislation to expand the powers of Federal Law Enforcement’s ability to prosecute ‘facecrimes’.  Representatives at Google and the FBI have refused to comment or even acknowledge the project’s existence.

(image credit Jimmy answering questions.jpg: Wikimania2009 Beatrice Murchderivative work: Sylenius [CC BY 2.0])

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