ISIS cheers Rep. Ilham Omar’s Anti-Semitic Twitter Rampage

RAQQA – ISIS clerics cheered when Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar from Minnesota went on an anti-Semitic Twitter rampage making claims that prominent pro-Israel lobby compensated lawmakers for their support of the Jewish state.

“We stand in solidarity with Ilhan Omar against the criminal Jewish state.  We were surprised but overjoyed to see that we have an ally in the U.S. Congress.  May Allah be praised,” spoke an ISIS cleric as reported by Al Jazeera.

Representative Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitic tweets:


Ilhan Abdullahi Omar is a Somali-American politician serving as the U.S. Representative for Minnesota’s 5th congressional district since 2019. In 2016, Omar was elected to the Minnesota House of Representatives as a member of the Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party, making her the first Somali American elected to legislative office in the United States.

(image credit unknown, via article “The ‘futurist’ aesthetics of ISIS” CC-4.0 )

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