Joy Behar blames Trump’s 52% approval rating on Russians

NEW YORK CITY – Joy Behar, co-host of the ABC daytime talk show The View, insists that ‘the Russians’ are to blame for President Trump’s 52% approval rating.

“There is no way Trump is that popular.  Everyone I know hates him.  I truly believe the polling system has been compromised by the Russians.  Our country is being taken over by Putin.  I still don’t believe Trump won the election.  If he actually did, the American people are nothing but stupid Bible thumping, gun toting homophobic racists,” said Behar during an episode of The View.

According to a poll Monday by Rasmussen Reports, the rate of public satisfaction with the performance of US President Donald Trump is 52%.  This is the highest level of support the president seen in for 23 months.  The poll was conducted among those who are expected to vote in the presidential elections.

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