Parents of Scouts remove McCabe as Scout Leader

RICHMOND – Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe has been removed as Scout Leader from his local Boy Scout troop in Virginia.  By unanimous vote, parents of the troop members decided to expel McCabe in favor of a less controversial leader.

“There were meetings at our troop at which it was discussed whether he should step down.  His constant partisan rhetoric and hate for President Trump created a toxic environment for the boys,” said one parent of a scout troop member who requested to remain anonymous.

McCabe accepted their decision and confessed that his political bias was indeed unhealthy.  Sources claim that since his firing by President Trump as FBI Deputy Director in March of 2018, McCabe has had difficulty sleeping and suffers from an acute case of “Trump Derangement Syndrome”.

President Trump’s recent tweets referring to McCabe:

(image credit Lonnie Tague for the DOJ [Public domain])

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