Jorge Ramos forced to dance like a chicken for Maduro

CARACAS – Jorge Ramos, anchor of the Univision news program Noticiero Univision, was forced to ‘dance like a chicken’ while interviewing Nicolás Maduro, President of Venezuela, in Caracas yesterday.

“You could tell the interview wasn’t going well.  Maduro was visibly displeased.  He stopped Ramos in mid-sentence and began yelling at him saying ‘You pathetic little b*tch! Do you know where you are? Do you!?’.  Ramos looked stunned and was speechless.  Maduro stood up and pulled out a .45 caliber pistol and pointed it Ramos.  He then shouted at him saying ‘Dance like a chicken b*tch! DANCE!’.  Ramos hesitated and then stood up and began to dance, bobbing up and down while flapping his arms,” said a cameraman with the Univision team in an exclusive skype interview with Mendaco Press.

Maduro ordered the seizure of the video and Univision equipment, including TV and phones, and detained the Univision team.  They were released 2.5 hours later.

(image credit Gage Skidmore, Peoria, AZ, US [CC BY-SA 2.0])

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