Elderly man assaulted by angry mob at Women’s March

PITTSBURGH – During yesterday’s Women’s March to celebrate International Women’s Day, an angry mob of women assaulted an elderly man waiting at a bus stop in downtown Pittsburgh.

“If the old man got hurt, he probably deserved it for all of the years that he had oppressed women.  The Patriarchy has ruled long enough.  We don’t need men anymore.  We have enough sperm stored in Sperm Banks to build a new civilization.  The future is female!” said a female protestor to Mendaco Press.

The elderly man was treated by paramedics and rushed to a local hospital.  Sources say he suffered minor injuries and is in stable condition.

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One thought on “Elderly man assaulted by angry mob at Women’s March”

  1. These feminists need to be jailed forever. They are complete and utter evil. Attacking a random old man and cheering about it? Flat out filthy creatures. Sociopathic animals to the core.

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