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Jussie Smollett to sue Chicago for millions

CHICAGO – Jussie Smollett, actor in the Fox drama series Empire, plans to sue the City of Chicago for $250 million claiming damages to his reputation and emotional well-being caused by the false charges placed against him by the city.

“This is how gay black men are treated in America.  They wanted to throw me in jail.  This would have never happened to me if I were white.  I’m going to make sure Chicago pays for how they embarrassed me,” said Smollett in an exclusive interview with Mendaco Press.

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Animal Cruelty Task Force raids home of Shane Dawson

LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles Animal Cruelty Task Force (ACTF) raided the home of YouTube star Shane Dawson last night under the suspicion of animal sex crimes.

“I’ve been investigating cases such as these for over 20 years and I haven’t witnessed such a bizarre scene since the Manson Donkey Brothel of 1998.  I am not at liberty to offer more details since this is an ongoing investigation.  Although, I can say that we did rescue some of the animals from the premises.  We will provide more details as the investigation continues,” said the lead detective to Mendaco Press.

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Anderson Cooper to be crowned 2019 Mardi Gras Queen

NEW ORLEANS – Anderson Cooper, anchor of the CNN news show Anderson Cooper 360°, is to be crowned the 2019 Mardi Gras Queen at this year’s annual Mardi Gras festivities in New Orleans.

“We are so excited to see Anderson in the gown we’ve prepare for him.  It is absolutely fabulous.  We’ve been waiting all year for this event.  He’s sure to be the hottest Queen ever.  Of course we can’t wait for the best part, when we get to watch him strip it off,” said the parade costume designer to Mendaco Press.

The party officially ends at midnight, when police on horseback ride down Bourbon Street to ceremonially “clear” the street – a symbol meant to mark the end of the season.  Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent, which for many Christians is a period of fasting and reflection ahead of Easter.

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SWAT team shuts down Steven Crowder Oscars stream

DALLAS – Steven Crowder, host of Louder with Crowder, was raided by local law enforcement today for allegedly broadcasting an ‘illegal livestream’ commentary of the Oscars.

“It was really scary.  Right in the middle of the show we heard a loud bang and then all of a sudden a SWAT team barged into our building in full tactical gear with weapons drawn.  We had no idea what was going on.  They yelled ‘shut it down! shut it down!’ as they entered our broadcast room.  We complied and were warned that if we were to continue that we would be arrested.  Luckily no one was injured.  It was crazy,” said a producer of the show in an exclusive interview with Mendaco Press.

Crowder is a former contributor at Fox News and is frequently featured on The Glenn Beck Program and The Dana Show.  His one hour podcast, Louder with Crowder, is uploaded to iTunes and Soundcloud once a week on Thursdays.

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Trump thanks Jussie Smollett for exposing ‘Fake News Media’

WASHINGTON – President Trump in a tweet yesterday thanked actor Jussie Smollett, known for his role in the Fox drama series Empire, for ‘exposing the FAKE NEWS MEDIA and their BIAS’.

Trump tweet - Smollett

On January 29, Smollett alleged that he was attacked in Chicago in what was initially investigated as a hate crime.  Unnamed police sources later alleged Smollett orchestrated the attack.  Smollett was charged yesterday with a class 4 felony for falsifying a police report.

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Joy Behar blames Trump’s 52% approval rating on Russians

NEW YORK CITY – Joy Behar, co-host of the ABC daytime talk show The View, insists that ‘the Russians’ are to blame for President Trump’s 52% approval rating.

“There is no way Trump is that popular.  Everyone I know hates him.  I truly believe the polling system has been compromised by the Russians.  Our country is being taken over by Putin.  I still don’t believe Trump won the election.  If he actually did, the American people are nothing but stupid Bible thumping, gun toting homophobic racists,” said Behar during an episode of The View.

According to a poll Monday by Rasmussen Reports, the rate of public satisfaction with the performance of US President Donald Trump is 52%.  This is the highest level of support the president seen in for 23 months.  The poll was conducted among those who are expected to vote in the presidential elections.

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Stormy Daniels to break Gangbang World Record

BATON ROUGE – Porn Star Stormy Daniels is planning to break the Gangbang World Record.  The current title is held by Lisa Sparxxx with 919 men.

“We’re preparing the venue right now.  We have well over 2,000 guys signed up.  After going through the health screenings, we hope to have enough to help her break the record.  I know for damn sure that I’ll be one of them,” said the club owner with a big smile on his face to Mendaco Press.

In 2018, Daniels became involved in a legal dispute with U.S. President Donald Trump and his attorney Michael Cohen. Trump and his surrogates paid $130,000 hush money to silence Daniels about an affair she says she had with Trump in 2006. Trump’s spokespeople have denied the affair and accused Daniels of lying.

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Dr. Phil agrees to host meme review under one condition

BEVERLY HILLS – Dr. Phil McGraw, host of the CBS television show Dr. Phil, has agreed to host Felix Kjellberg’s aka PewDiePie’s popular YouTube show ‘meme review’ under one condition:  Felix goes to the ranch.

“I’ve been observing Felix for some time now.  I can sense the stress that he is having, especially with his ongoing battle with T-Series and marriage engagement with Marzia.  He needs a mental reset.  He needs to go to the ranch.  I think it would be very healthy for him,” said Dr. Phil in an interview with Mendaco Press.

Kjellberg has had several high profile individuals host meme review including Ben Shapiro and Elon Musk.  Having Dr. Phil host his show would give him a considerable boost in his ongoing subscription battle with T-Series, an Indian based YouTube channel.

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Elon Musk offers to host meme review to help PewDiePie

NEW YORK CITY – Billionaire Elon Musk has offered to help Felix Kjellberg aka PewDiePie by hosting meme review, Kjellberg’s popular YouTube show. Kjellberg has been in a subscription battle for the top spot on the platform for over the past year with T-Series, a rising Indian YouTube channel.

“Of course I’ll host meme review.  I’ll do anything I can to help Pewds beat T-Series.  He must remain King.  He represents the heart and soul of YouTube.  If you haven’t already, you need to subscribe to PewDiePie,” said Elon Musk in an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

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Stephen Colbert making huge donations to Trump campaign

NEW YORK CITY – Stephen Colbert, host of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, has been making large campaign donations to the Trump campaign and Super PACs that support President Trump’s 2020 reelection.

“This may seem strange considering the content of our show, but we need Trump to win in 2020.  In fact, we all are donating to his campaign.  He is the only reason this show is still alive.  We expected to be cancelled years ago but the 2016 campaign saved us.  Without Trump, we don’t have a show.  We’re just trying to save our jobs,” said one of the show’s producers to Mendaco Press.

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