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Jack Dorsey confesses to suppressing ‘non-credible’ tweets

LOS ANGELES – Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey confessed to suppressing tweets from ‘non-credible’ news sources when being questioned by Mendaco Press after yesterday’s interview conducted by Joe Rogan.

“Not all news sources are as credible as your organization.  After the 2016 election, we had to do something to make sure that these non-credible sources no longer had the power to sway public opinion as they did in the past.  To remedy the situation, we built internal algorithms to measure their trust level and throttle back anything we deemed to be fake,” said Dorsey to Mendaco Press after the interview.

NewsGuard, an app created to combat ‘fake news’, gave Mendaco Press the highest journalistic trust rating.  It joins a handful of other groups such as the Trust Project and the Journalism Trust Initiative which aim to help readers discern which sites are credible when many readers have trouble distinguishing fact from fiction.


Coding Academy to offer discounts to fired Journalists

NEW YORK CITY – In the wake of recent layoffs of journalists in various media companies including Buzzfeed and Huffington Post, the New York based Coding Academy is offering tuition discounts to the unemployed journalists.

“It is really sad to see these journalists lose their jobs.  Luckily we teach skills that are actually useful and therefore marketable.  If you are looking for a great career, we recommend that you learn to code,” said academy representative to Mendaco Press.

Verizon Media, which owns Yahoo and the Huffington Post, slashed 7 percent of its workforce. BuzzFeed also announced that it will cut 15 percent of its workforce, including jobs in journalism. Other media outlets have also made similar cuts.

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NewsGuard gives Mendaco Press top journalistic trust rating

REDMOND – NewsGuard, an app pre-installed in Microsoft’s mobile Edge browser to combat ‘fake news’, gives Mendaco Press the highest journalistic trust rating.

“Our team of trained journalists and experienced editors rate and review thousands of news and information websites based on nine journalistic criteria — such as whether the site regularly publishes false content, reveals conflicts of interest, discloses financing, or publicly corrects reporting errors.  Mendaco Press was rated highly by our team of experts for having impeccable journalistic standards,” said NewsGuard representative in an interview with Mendaco Press.

NewsGuard joins a handful of other groups such as the Trust Project and the Journalism Trust Initiative which aim to help readers discern which sites are credible when many readers have trouble distinguishing fact from fiction.

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Pope unveils new ‘Click to Pray’ app for iPhone and Android

VATICAN CITY – Pope Francis unveils his new ‘Click to Pray‘ app for iPhone and Android.

“Pope Francis is very excited about bringing the Catholic Church into the 21st century.  With his new app, you can not only prayer with others around the globe, but you can also socialize and play games together.  Another great feature is the ‘Virtual Collection Plate’ that allows you to pay your tithes directly through the app which accepts all major credit cards and cryptocurrency,” said Vatican spokesperson to Mendaco Press.

The app is available in six languages and has an accompanying website,

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Google developing ‘facecrime’ app for the FBI

MOUNTAIN VIEW – Unnamed sources have confirmed that tech giant Google is developing a ‘facecrime’ app for the FBI.

“The FBI approached us last year and offered a classified contract to fund the project.  When complete, the app will secretly turn on your phone’s camera and monitor faces.  If a facial recognition result matches the ‘facecrime algorithm’, the photo is taken and stored in a database.  When enough evidence is stored, prosecution will begin.  The FBI promotes this as an effort to provide a safe living environment for all Americans,” said a whistleblower involved with the project under the conditions of anonymity in an exclusive interview with Mendaco Press.

Leading Senate Democrats have also shown interest in creating legislation to expand the powers of Federal Law Enforcement’s ability to prosecute ‘facecrimes’.  Representatives at Google and the FBI have refused to comment or even acknowledge the project’s existence.

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Software developers create app that can diagnose Ligma

CUPERTINO – Leading software developers working with top medical healthcare professionals have created a phone app that can quickly diagnose the communicable disease of Ligma.

“After months of research and development, we have finally created a simple solution for diagnosing this terrible disease.  With only one click, we can guarantee with 100% certainty whether an individual has been infected,” said the Tech Lead for the development project in an exclusive interview with Mendaco Press.

Click here to download the free app for both iPhone and Android from the official Centers for Disease Control website.

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Facebook whistle-blower exposes ‘Cult of Mark Zuckerberg’

MENLO PARK – More than a dozen former Facebook employees, speaking under the conditions of anonymity, describe the creepy environment in the upper echelons of the ‘Cult of Mark Zuckerberg’, deep inside the hierarchy of Facebook.

“It was like a twisted religion.  Smile and conform or face what was unofficially called ‘The Inquisition’.  Every so often a colleague would just… disappear, never to be heard from again.  Behind every smile was fear.  We did as we were told without question.  It was pure devotion to our ‘Lord’.  As I think back on my time there, I’m thankful I made it out alive.  I still suffer from anxiety disorders that I deal with to this day,” said a former senior executive in an exclusive interview with Mendaco Press.

The former employees that we spoke with are all undergoing therapy and have done their best to go on with their lives.  Their only concern now is for those they left behind, those still trapped in the ‘Cult’.

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