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Kellyanne Conway reports husband’s Voodoo doll

WASHINGTON – Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Trump, reports to the U.S. Secret Service her discovery of a ‘Voodoo doll’ in her home that appeared to be an effigy of President Trump.  She believes it belongs to her husband, George Conway.

“I went to the garage and I couldn’t believe what I saw.  Laying on my husband’s workbench was a Voodoo doll with pins stuck threw it that looked like President Trump.  I knew my husband hated President Trump and was jealous of my position in the White House but I never thought his feelings would motivate him to perform witchcraft,” said Conway in an exclusive interview with Mendaco Press.

A Voodoo doll is an effigy of a target victim used in witchcraft into which pins are inserted to cause harm through magic upon the individual represented.

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(image credit Gage Skidmore, Peoria, AZ, US [CC BY-SA 2.0])