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Exclusive: Fox News to cancel Tucker Carlson Tonight

NEW YORK CITY – A leaked Fox News memo obtained by Mendaco Press reveals the future fate of the popular show Tucker Carlson Tonight hosted by political commentator Tucker Carlson in wake of the controversy surrounding the exposure of Carlson’s past ‘toxic’ behavior.

“We wanted to stand by Tucker but the pressure from our sponsors has been overwhelming.  The politically correct minority is winning this culture war.  Tucker will be missed by all of us here at the network.  This is a sad day for free speech,” said the leaked memo.

Rival networks cheered the news of the show’s cancellation seeing it as a victory in their effort to silence ‘far-right’ voices in the media.

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(image credit Gage Skidmore, Peoria, AZ, US [CC BY-SA 2.0])

Tucker Carlson to return to wearing bowties

NEW YORK CITY – Political commentator Tucker Carlson, host of the nightly political talk show Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News, will soon be returning to his former favorite attire:  the bowtie

“If you wear a bow tie, it’s like a middle finger around your neck; you’re just inviting scorn and ridicule.  The number of people screaming the F-word at me… it wore me down after a while so I gave in and became conventional.  After all these years, I really miss my bowties.  It takes me back to a simpler time, before all of the insanity.  We’ll see how people respond to it.  Honestly, I could care less what people think.  I’m going to wear what I want,” said Carlson in an exclusive interview with Mendaco Press.

Carlson was known for wearing bowties up until 2006.

(image credit (left) Gage Skidmore, Peoria, AZ, US [CC BY-SA 2.0])

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